Tour Guide Insurance Package

The most cost-effective insurance package, designed to cover the specific needs of tour guides.

Every professional operates differently, so it is important that you consider the risks associated with your daily routine before applying insurance.

As a tour guide operating from Australia, it is logical that your insurance protects you against the common hazards associated with your unique profession and abides by national and international laws.

To provide the most accurate insurance for tour guides, the following key areas should be considered:

*Injury, illness or death caused to persons, resulting in liability

*Loss or damage to personal property

*Loss, damage or theft of vehicles/craft

*Passenger safety and responsibility

*Professional Indemnity

*Cancellations and rescheduling of tours

Butchers would normally need to apply multiple insurance policies to ensure their business is completely protected from multiple risks. This process can often be expensive and time consuming.

The insurance relevant to Australian tour guides include:

*Medical Insurance

*General Property

*Public Liability

*International Marine Transit

*Commercial Vehicle/Craft


Some insurance companies only offer 'bundled' insurance solutions that only contain policies for general business-related risks, but they do not consider the individual needs of tour guides.

Standard insurance packages do not account for the particular hazards faced by tour guides. These generic insurance solutions force you to pay for cover that is not relevant and can often leave you financially unprotected in the event of an accident or disaster.

Fortunately, there is now a complete insurance solution available, tailored to meet the specific requirements of tour guides. The advantages of having one complete insurance package to cover all areas of your business include:

*One fee to fit within your budget

*One set of paperwork to complete

*One insurance company to deal with for all claims, concerns and enquiries

Before applying insurance, contact your local broker and ask about CGU's Tour Guide Insurance Package. You will receive information about the policies included and how they apply to your business.

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